January 21st, 2008

Butterfly Lady

Sundance Withdraws

I am so depressed and angry at myself! I had the chance to go to Sundance this year and didn't go. When I finally decided to go, it was late November. I went online to get tickets only to find out that week one and week two "packages" were already sold out. So I signed up to buy individual tickets. The way it works is everyone who wants to buy individual ticket gets registered and a computer randomly selects who get the opportunity to buy tickets. Needless to say I was not one of them. (I did get the vacation time, so I am currently on my "Sundance Vacation" at home in Texas.) At the sundance site (http://www.sundance.org/festival) ticket were sold out, but I could've gone to each individual theater and wait to see if I could get tix there. I even went to Ebay! No one was selling tickets to Bottle Shock (or any other movies I wanted to see). So I (stupidly) decided to stay home.
Now here I sit with six or seven window up, looking at Alan Rickman's handsome face, reading that he is STILL in Utah! I should have gone! I am still tempted to go to the airport and jump on a plane. ARG! I feel like crying. *sniff*
The only thing that makes me a little happy is watching starrose17's video "The Boner Song" @ youtube:

I was also talking to one of my best friends from work, Chipo, and we are planning a trip to New York around the time the new Harry Potter film comes out. We are going to see it and do some sight seeing and maybe see some Broadway shows (including Equus). (Thanks to starrose17 for that idea as well!) This is actually what is keeping me from jumping on a plane right now. I'll save the 500+ dollars now, for later. So keep posting great photos of Alan Rickman so that I can live vicariously through someone else!