April 29th, 2008

Butterfly Lady

The Winter Guest-No matter where you hide life will always find you

I have the DVD, but never watched it. This is my second viewing of the movie on IFC. Here is my not so step-by-step commentary (and some quotes from the movie that stood out to me):

First, the music was beautifully composed by Michael Kamen and the cinematography was by Seamus McGarvey. Directed of course by Alan Rickman. (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120521/)

Trailer at IMDB-(http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120521/trailers-screenplay-vi1089863961)

Kind of sad for those old ladies, planning their days around funerals.

"What if there is only one day left us? Out of all our lives, just this one day?"

The relationship between Elspeth and Frances reminds me of my mom and myself. Both needing each other, but to stubborn to admit it to one another. Every once in a while they have breakthroughs, when they are able to show affection for one another. (Like when Frances rubs her mother's face with her coat, snuggling her in.)

I did cry a couple times, but I also laughed my ass off a couple of times ("It's a condom." or "If my balls ever drop.")

Deep-Heat (or Icy-hot) on the penis to make it grow? Bwahaha! That poor boy. . ."It's burning a bit. . . it burns, my penis is on fire. Bugger! F*%K!" OMG!

They have Safe-ways in the UK? We had them here in the US as well. I remember my trips from Mexico with my grandparents to go grocery shopping at the Safeway across the border(into the US).

What the heck is a treacle toffee?

"You've got to open out your arms and let chaos in"

Before I saw this movie, the song "Take Me With You" was a romantic love song. Now, it's more of a familial love song (ie-Daughter to Mother, Mother to Daughter). Oh, don't get me wrong, it's still a love song. But, like any song, given a different situation it can mean something completely different. (Actually listening to it again, it would make a good "Funeral Song". I don't mean to sound morbid. My brother and I discuss from time to time what kind of music we would like played at our funerals if something was to happen to either of us. This song has made it onto my list.)

What does the ending mean to you? You know, with the boys walking off into the distance, over the frozen sea. . .

P.S.- Where the heck was Alan Rickman's cameo? There were several people on the street, besides the main characters, but they were all bundles up with coats and hats. It was difficult to see where he was.

Please got to (http://www.britbitsandclips.com/AR_Audio.htm) to download this beautiful song for those of you who haven't heard it.

Take Me With You
Music: Michael Kamen
Lyrics: Alan Rickman
Performed: Liz Fraser

Your eyes are still closed
Are you sleeping?
Can I touch you?
Would it make you fall?

You sail in love through the sky
When there's a close slips in between us
Am I livin' your dreams?
Take me with you.

The night is still cold
Let me hold you
Drifting homewards
Do you know how the wind blows

You sailing love through the sky
And I will keep you close beside me
Am I livin' your dreams?
Take me with you.

Drifting homewards
Do you know where the wind blows
Take me with...
Take me with you

You sail in love through the sky
And I will hold you close beside me
Am I livin' your dreams?
Take me with you.

Am I livin' your dreams?
Take me with you.