June 1st, 2008

Butterfly Lady

I hope you're sitting down!!

Let me start of by saying that my last two vacation plans fell through and I wound up staying home (how exciting). My trip to Louisiana. . . didn't happen. My trip to Utah. . . didn't happen, I couldn't get tickets. So when my friend, Chipo, and I started planning our vacation this for this fall I was super excited.

Originally we were going to go to New York City, where we planned to see Equus, go shopping and I was going to hide out in the library and see Les Liaison Dangereuse and Private Lives. (I actually have a copy of this play, just not a professional copy.) Chipo said that she didn't care what we did or where we went as long as we get out of Texas. So as you can imagine my mind was working overtime to figure out what we were going to do or see. Then I found a website offering an Equus/Harry Potter weekend.

But, upon further exploration I found an ever better trip: HP6-London World Movie Release! I could hardly keep from *squeeing*! I talked to my clinical manager about the both of us taking off of work, which she ok'd, but we still needed to put it in writing. If you haven't already guessed I have to plan things out way in advance. I didn't want to wait until the last minute to get the tickets and run the risk of not getting tickets at all, and Chipo didn't want to get the tickets now. She finally told me to go by myself or find someone else to go with me. I was pissed!

So for the next few weeks I searched for a traveling companion. I had finally decided to go alone when another nurse, Rosalie, said she would go with me. Sally is just as excited to go as I am. I have written to the Donmar Warehouse to see if there is any possibility of then extending the run of the play that Alan Rickman is directing called Creditors, by Strindberg, so that I can see it during the HP6 trip. As expected the answer was no. So, we are actually going to go about five days early. If we can't stay with friends, (hint, hint) hers or mine we will have to find a suitable hotel, hostel, or flat.

I have been to Mexico more times than I can count. I have been to San Diego and New York City, but I have never been abroad. I am so excited I can hardly contain myself!!! I don't think my boss is going to give me a hard time of taking the time off, as there is a nursing shortage. And I'm ready to tell her that if I can't have the time off she is just going to have to find a new night nurse. I did promise to pick up extra shifts, if I get off.

So, no Equus for me. Instead I am going to see Creditors, explore London and met up with some of you (maybe). In addition (if you didn't click the link), I will be enjoying the following:

-4 Night Accommodations at 3 Star Hotel

-Daily Services of a Professional Guide

-Movie Tickets to HP6 Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince(VIP seating at the famous Leicester Square Odeon Theatre)

-Theatre Tickets to Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre

-Thames River Cruise

-Entrance to Globe Theatre & Tour

-Panoramic Tour of London

-Activity Day-Windsor/Bath/Stonehenge OR Tour Historic Oxford (I think we are going to do the first.)

I just got a confirmation package in the mail yesterday, that includes a Harry Potter type addressed envelope (complete with wax seal and burnt edges), letter, map of London and trip planner. (see slide show)

Sorry for not using lj cuts, I just couldn't figure out just where to put it. Okay, now I have to take a break to breath and take a nap, as I have to work tonight.