June 10th, 2008

Butterfly Lady

My personality type and my week in review.

Taken from brandi1498

My personality type: the reliable realist

This past Thursday I rented a car and made the four to five hour trip to Dallas with my seventeen year old brother to see Eddie Izzard. The Majestic Theatre was beautiful! We were seated in row U, but I bought a pair of opera glasses, so it wasn't so bad really. Eddie was dressed in jeans and a 'Glorious' T-shirt with a jacket. The jacket was cool. It was like a tuxedo jacket cut at the waist with long tails, lined with a shiny, red, silky material. I can't even begin to describe the show, except to say that he was brilliantly funny. He is very intelligent and it shows in the way he speaks to the audience.

I did tell my brother that he owed this trip to see Eddie to Alan Rickman. He laughed and asked why. My response? If I hadn't become a fan of AR, I wouldn't have seen 'We know where you live, live!' and subsequently any other Eddie oriented stand-up routine or movie. It was also an early birthday gift for him (it's in September) so I'm good for a while. After the show we drove around for about an hour getting lost in Dallas looking for some place to eat before finally settling on IHOP.

I already have a difficult time staying awake while driving, so the drive home seemed to take F-O-R-E-V-E-R! I did pull over for about half and hour to sleep, which did help some. Before you ask, yes, my brother knows how to drive. He just doesn't have his driver's license, yet. (Long story.) We finally got home around five or five thirty in the morning after I swerved all over the highway. Luckily we arrived in one piece and didn't hurt anyone else in the process. After I got home I wasn't sleepy anymore! Arg! Then I turned around and went to work on Friday night on about three hours of sleep. blah.

Luckily, my weekend picked up a little. On Sunday I was going to see Eddie Izzard (another birthday gift) in Austin with Patrick who I kind of maybe have a little crush on. I got all dressed up even my make-up, which I hardly ever do. I meet Patrick at The Paramount Theatre and we walked across the street to a sushi restaurant that I've never been to, called Silhouette. Since I've never had raw fish or seafood and didn't want to risk it on this of all days we just had drinks at the bar. Watermelon martini- tasty. Whiskey sour- very sour ^_^. The show was to start at eight, so at 1930 we walked back to get seated.

Imaging this: I haven't looked at the tickets since I bought them. We get to the front of the line. While everyone else gets their tickets scanned they make a nice "meep" sound. When my tickets get scanned . . . "BEEP BEEP BEEP!" then, "You know, these tickets were for yesterday." NO! I couldn't believe it. I was so close to crying. The Theatre House manager came out to talk to us. She said they were sold out tonight, but if we waited she would see if there was anything available right before the show starts. Those were the longest forty-five minutes in a long time. A little after eight pm she (I forgot her name!) came and got us and said she found us some tickets. Our original ticket were in the upper balcony, so any where she put us we would have been happy (even standing). So as we walked in we passed the stairs to the balcony, I got excited. We went into the main theatre and down the isle. We kept walking and kept walking and finally stopped at the THIRD ROW!!

OH. MY. GOD. I was so thrilled I could hardly keep from squeeing. The only thing that kept me was Patrick beside me and me not wanting to bring attention to myself and getting kicked out as we really didn't have tickets. The show was about 60% the same. He[Eddie] seemed to go off on different tangents. He was still brilliant and funny. I don't even know if Patrick had a good time during the show, because I didn't look at him the entire time! I could even see the blue of Eddie's eyes. A-mazing.

That's it for now. I didn't expect to go on this long. LOL.