August 18th, 2008



I sent this letter to WB. I was so proud of myself. Most of this letter is the work of /Achyra, and it was used with her permission. To my dismay I got the letter back as a "MAILER-DAEMON error" They rejected my letter and marked it as spam. Stupid asses!

To whom it may concern:

I turn to you, a representative of the Warner Bros. Entertainment, to address my concern with your company's decision to postpone the release of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince". It is clear from Warner Bros.' communication that there were no artistic or practical reasons behind the decision, but that it was based solely on economic motives. At the ensuing dismay, disappointment and anger of fans all over the world your spokesman stated:
"We would never do anything to hurt one of the movies or the series. We love our fans." The first part of his statement is trivially true. You will never hurt the Harry Potter franchise: you cannot. Nothing you do will hurt it because you own it in its entirety, and anyone wishing for a Harry Potter experience is obligated to come to you. No matter how angry the fans, no matter how much talk there is today about boycotting your productions, people will come. Such is the power of a monopoly. Ideally, great power should entail great responsibility, but as long as this responsibility is only an ideal concept, not enforceable by law or measurable in terms of money, you are obviously free to ignore it.

The hurt is already a fact, the harm has been done, but not on any level that your company might understand and take into account.

Your action has harmed the children whose expectations you awoke, stimulated, and let down. Seven months may be very short in the life of a middle-aged executive, but it is long enough to change a child's outlook, values and interests. In a child's perspective you have not postponed the release: you have taken it away.

Your action has harmed the parents who try to teach their children basic ethical precepts. Some moral guidelines should be absolute, but you prove that they are not. What children learn is that "I should keep my word, because I'm just an eight-year-old kid. When I'm a big company executive, I won't have to give a hoot anymore." Ultimately, you teach young people that money is all that counts. Twelve-year- old
robbers are not an evil abomination, they are simply resourceful young people who have adapted to what they see of the adult world.

Your action has caused actual monetary harm to fans who have trusted the firm commitments in your publicity, including the scheduling of a Royal Performance. They made the opening night their Event of the Year, booked travel and accommodation, re-scheduled their jobs and studies, sometimes losing income. All this, often irreversible, for nothing, because your company's spreadsheet acrobats feel a sudden need to shift a "tent pole".

Your action has harmed popular perception of democracy, respect and understanding between nations and cultures. Once more the corporate
world demonstrates where the real power lies, by its blatant disregard of a head of state and everyone else involved in the British Royal Performance. Now speculations are ripe whether your company would treat the White House in a similar offensive fashion.
"We would never do anything to hurt one of the movies or the series. We love our fans."

The second part of the statement is a complete and obvious lie. Genuinelove presupposes respect, communication and understanding – a "love" act without those is simple abuse. No, you do not love your fans – you bugger your consumers.

Deeply concerned greetings,

Monica my last name here
My phone numer

P.S. I had to arrange to have off time from work, pay for airfare and accomodations to London from Texas (not cheap!) and arrange for Long-term care for a parent, so that I could see this movie at the premiere in London. I am very dispointed in your decision to push the date back so that YOU could make more money. What is going to happen to the"little people" (fans) who went out of their way to attended this great event? What about out money? Is our money worth less than your's?

Still upset,