November 2nd, 2008

Butterfly Lady

This is alot harder than I thought

I have about five minutes to write something. On the days that I have to work I usually do a little stuff around the house, hang out with my mom and help her with stuff and then sleep in the afternoon. I get up get ready for work and then drive an hour. The drive into work isn't so bad, as it is at night and I miss all of the traffic. The drive home is alright, because all of the traffic is headed into Austin and I'm going the opposite direction. The drive home is a made little more difficult becasue of the fact that I'm tired and ususally have at least one stop to make. I am a regular at the post office. I'm sure that the entire town has seen me sleeping with my mouth hanging open. My dad has even found me there, and gotten on to me. He said, "How much more would it take for you to just to drive home." Little does he know that sometimes I'm swerving all over the highway before I can find a safe place to pull over. Okay well I got to finish getting dressed for work. Maybe tomorrow I'll post my trip itenerary.

How about this. . . if you have anything you want to know about me, just ask. It'll make posting everyday a little easier. I'll answer your questions in a new post. Doesn't sound to difficult, right?