November 3rd, 2008

Butterfly Lady

The time is slipping by so fast!

Okay, so here goes. Originally I was going to go to London with one of my friends from work. We/I had booked us a Harry Potter fan trip (see here). We were going to go early so that I could go see Creditors and hang out with some of her friends. As you all know, Warner Bros. had other plans. My friend was very wishy-washy for a while, before deciding against going with me, leaving my with both of our (fan)trips paid in full. I told the travel agency to put all of my monies towards the trip in the summer which is twice as long (and twice as expensive.) With the first part of my trip planned separately and still wanting to go I decided to go by myself. I think I may meet up with starrose17 and I know I'm going to meet with kyriaofdelphi.

kyriaofdelphi is going to go see Creditors with me, and maybe help me with my Alan Rickman stalking. Well, not stalking really, just waiting and hoping to see him.

I am leaving Austin at 1600 on Friday the 14th of November, flying on Delta to Atlanta and Air France to London/Gatwick arriving in London in the am of 15 November at aprox 0930. Checking into Best Western Burns Hotel, which is pretty central to a lot of thing or so the map says. I'll take a little trip to the London Eye. (I've already got my ticket.) Do some exploring, rest a bit, make myself beautiful for Alan Rickman,and meet up with kyriaofdelphi. We are seeing the very last show on the very last day. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

On day two (Sunday, November 16th) the only thing I have planned for sure is seeing Ivanov, with Kenneth Branagh at the Donmar West End at 1500.

On day three (Monday, November 17th) BILLY ELLIOT THE MUSICAL at 1930

Day four (Tuesday, November 18th) Meet starrose17. Do some fun stuff, sight seeing and watch Avenue Q.

Day five (Wednesday, Nevember 19th)

Day six: (Thursday, November 20th)

Day seven: (Friday, November 21st)Leave London/Gatwick at 1300 via KLM and get back to Austin at 2300
Edited to add a day to my trip and add in extras

I have a three day pass (The London Sightseeing Pass). I'll probably use it for days three four and five. It offers the following:
Offering great value and convenience, the London Pass enables you to beat the lines at selected attractions, with free admission to 19 historical buildings, 20 museums and art galleries, and 14 ships or places of interest.

Benefit from unlimited transportation around London and take advantage of 10 free tours, cruises and walks for pass holders. And, with special discounts at restaurants, theatres, and services, the London Sightseeing Pass guarantees you'll never be short of things to do and see!

London Pass includes admission to:
The Tower of London
London Aquarium
London Zoo
St Paul's Cathedral
Hampton Court Palace
Kensington Palace
Tower Bridge Exhibition
Kew Gardens
Royal Mews
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Tour
Windsor Castle
Catamaran Cruises
Sherlock Holmes Museum
Queen's Gallery
Chelsea Football Stadium
Wimbledon Tour Experience
Jason's Canal Boat Trip
Royal Albert Hall
Unlimited use of public transport in London
And much, much more!

Inclusions :
Either a 1-day, 2-day, 3-day or 6-day London Sightseeing Pass
Unlimited transportation within London
A handy 132-page pocket-size guidebook available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish
Maps for each attraction, directions, and instructions on how to use London's public transportation
Special discounts for restaurants, museums, theaters, and more!

I was watching Victor/Victoria yesterday(again) and I had a sudden urge to check in trips to Paris. I've been sorely tempted to book a day trip. It's around 250-300 dollars for an escorted trip. What do you guys think? Yes on Paris? Any place in London that I have to see? I will be going back in the summer, and if these trips go well, I may repeat them. So even if I don't go to Paris, it is not completely out of the question for a future trip. Any one on my F-list live in France? If so, can you send me some water from Lourdes for my mom?

So starrose17 what day do you want to get together?
Same goes for you kyriaofdelphi besides the 15th whatcha planning?

Any one else in the London area?