November 4th, 2008

Butterfly Lady

Precious and Alan Rickman

To answer snoopylover9's question:
What about pets? I don't remember if you have any...

Yes, I have a pet. Her name is Precious. I didn't want a dog, especially an inside dog. Not long after I started working at the hospital and my brother came home, I was presented with her. Technically, she was my mom's, but now she's mine. My mom gave her to me. I had just started working nights and was awakened with an animal in my face. (I didn't have my glasses on, so she looked pretty scary!) She was actually very cute. A little black and white ball of fuzz. Now, she is still cute and small, but not so tiny. Precious was named after "The Precious" from the Lord of the Rings. I hate that voice that Gollum speaks in and they named her that way to annoy me, but I have to admit she is precious. She knows when she is about to get a treat, and really loves weenies. If you so much as say the word weenies, her ears perk up and she runs towards the fridge. She takes up the entire bed, which is quite a feat for such a small dog. I have to push her out of the way with a "get out of the way, fatty" before she'll move. I love her she is mine and I am hers. Oh, I have a cow, too. But she's not a pet, she just helps keep the land taxes down.

Here is a picture of my baby:


To answer ishakpasha's question:
When did you become an Alan Rickman fan and why?

Let me see. . . I saw the Harry Potter books on sale at my school bookstore in the Fall of 1999, but I was so caught up in school (my freshman year of college) that the only thing zi thought was, "Who is that Harry Potter guy?" When I came home from school my youngest brother was reading chapter books and loved the HP series and when the movie came out he begged to go. I took him to see the movie and I loved it. I started to read all if the books that were out at the time, and loved them. The movie cam out on DVD and I kept pausing and fast forwarding and rewinding to see this man called 'Snape'. It was in the quiddich scene where he had his hair blowing in his face. *sigh and Swoon* I pulled his name off of the credits and googled him. What, you may ask, did I find? I found websites dedicated to Alan Rickman. I had seen him in other movies before and I'm ashamed to say that I never really noticed him. From then on out I was hooked. I visited Suzanne's Guestbook frequently and read the Flights of Fancy, my first fan-fiction. I quickly began making an effort to watch all of his movies and re-watching movies that I had previously seen. Luckily, the guy at the video store understood my obsession and helped my acquire at his cost a whole bunch of AR's movie. He even looked like a younger, thinner Alan Rickman. I gave him a pic where they looked similar and he put it on his bulletin board. People even thought it was him.

Anyone else want to ask questions? I'll need future topics to blog about. . .