November 5th, 2008

Butterfly Lady

My brain is fried


I got home today around noon. After work, I went to four freaking banks to get my american dollars turned into pounds sterling. I finally had to join a bank, so that they could order the pounds for me. Arg! I'll have my money in a few days or so they say, we'll see.

I am so tired. I have to go to work again tonight,and after last night I don't want to go back! I did make friends (well sort of) with a doctor that I was intimidated by. I helped translate for him, for a spanish speaking patient. I even got a pat on the back (really). I think he'll even remember my name now, as I had to call him fifteen minutes after he left to get him to clarify some of his orders. He was also the Doctor on call when one of my patients started seizing this morning and I had to repeatedly and STAT page him. It was pretty scary. I had to call a Critical Response Team. These are the people you call before you have to call a code(blue). I had to transfer the patient to the ICU after we finally got her seizures to stop after an hour and a half!

I am going to have to pull a House and take some Vicodin and go to bed.