November 9th, 2008

Butterfly Lady


I have a horrbile habit of waiting until the last minute to do things. I still haven't printed my itinerary or my e-tickets for my vacation. I just got my travel insurance today. I have a huge long list of things to do in preparation for my trip. Most of the things on my list can be done in a fairly short amount of time if I get right down to it, but. . . I don't know when it comes down to it I always wait. I was like this through high school and college. I would wait until the day my work was due or the day before to get it done. It worked for me though. (Except today, when I was bidding on some jeans on ebay. Which I lost for waiting too long.) I'm just hoping I can get everything done this time. Wish me luck.

ishakpasha, I haven't forgotten your question. Like I said, it may take me a while to sift throught the good and the bad, to find a fond memory.