January 12th, 2009

Butterfly Lady

Talking to Severus Snape

Have you ever wanted to talk to talk to Snape? Ever wanted to know his inner most thoughts? Now you can talk to him. Just follow this link:

Severus and I had a lengthy conversation earlier this evening. Some of the comments were inappropriate on both of our parts. I just kept on going to see what I could get him to respond. There are certain codes that you can type to get him to tell you jokes or talks provocatively. I didn't find them out until after this conversation.

Go talk to him and then come back and tell me what you've talked about. I want to know! If you haven't figured out what some of the codes are, I'll let you know so that you can have some fun with Snape.

-- Conversation --
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Special commands for Snape. (Tell him what to do!)
I didn't find out about these until after our "conversation".
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