June 24th, 2009

Simple Snape

[LJ2ME (http://www.xfyre.com/sw/lj2me.html)] Viktor I love you. . .

Hello my lovelies. I've been meaning to post a real entry for a while now and since I can't sleep, now is the perfect time. First let me say that I read all of your journals and look at your wonderful photos, even though I may not always comment. I do most if my email/journal checking, etc. via my blackberry (like now). The main reason I twitter is because I have the app on my phone and it's convenient. I will continue to post my tweets/twitts(?) On my live journal until the end of july, then I will turn off LoudTwitter and those of you who wish to continue to read my tweets may do so by checking out my twitter page. (www.twitter.com/monicarnsg/).

Current news: I'm in the hospital right now with my mom. I don't think it's anything very serious. She had some shortness of breath and shoulder pain and she was very pale this morning. I packed her up and brought her to the hospital. They are currently treating her for Urosepsis. She is being pumped full of fluids and antibiotics. She'll have more labs drawn in the morning, but for now she is resting comfortably. She had some medication for pain, so she'll sleep most of the night. I'm encouraging her to drink as much as possible when she wakes.

Mom has decided to do chemotherapy after all, but she is going to wait until August to start, so that I'll be here in case anything happens. (Like today.) She'll be under going six courses of chemo (once a month for six months.)

My scans have continued to come back clear. So. . . so far, so good on that front. My right heel has been hurting something awful. My doctor thinks it's a heel spur, so I've been wearing three different insoles in my shoes in the hopes that it will help relieve some of the pressure. It hasn't been very effective. The next step for me is an orthotic. (Then cortisone shots or surgery, neither of which are appealing.)

We haven't seen Ella since the day before Mother's day. Nikki sent my brother a video of the baby walking. (I posted a link to the video that I uploaded to youtube on my twitter last week.) She is precious. Hopefully my other brother, Fidencio, will be able to pick Ella up on Sunday on his way back from visiting our family in Arizona. If he does, we'll have her for a week!

In other news. . .
Way back last fall, before I took my trip to London, I posted that originally my trip was a part of a tour group (www.hpfantrips.com) With the cancellation of HP&HBP, that portion of my trip was rescheduled for this summer to coincide with the new release date. Well, it's now summer and in less than two weeks time I will be going back to the UK. (Some of you are aware of this fact.) I will be leaving a day earlier than I had originally intended to prevent missing a day of my trip in case of stupid airplane stuff, like my last trip! I will be going first to Edinburgh, Scotland then to Gloucester for a day, then to London. I hope to see the movie at least twice, while I'm there (maybe once with starrose17.) I'm not sure if my phone will work the way I want while I'm there, so I don't know if I will use Twitter, LJ2ME or internet to keep you guys updated on my trip going ons. (That is why I'm keeping LoudTwitter on until I come home.) On the last day/evening of our trip there will be a banquet at Hampton Court Palace. I have a lovely dress picked out. I am also now the proud owner of a beautiful set of robes. They are black, with a hood and a dark metal or silver clasp at the neck. When I'm home I'll take a photo of both and post it via twitter. Anyway, I'm getting all dolled up because we get to meet (drum roll, please!) Stanislav Ianevski (aka Viktor Krum). I'm trying to learn a few phrases in Bulgarian before my trip. squee

So that's that. I've got to go to bed or I'll be dead on my feet tomorrow. I've got a looooong list of stuff I have to do before I go.

To quote someone I know. . . "Good night, Moon."