July 10th, 2009

Butterfly Lady


I'm in my hotel in Edinburgh and it is gorgeous. It's called Apex International and you can see the castle from here (although not from my room.) :( It's seven am here and I've had the best night's sleep in ages! I'm glad I left a day early. Now I'm rested up!

After I get cleaned up and repacked, (I'm changing rooms later.) I'm headed out to explore Princes Street, which I'm told is the (or one of the) main streets. I'm going to get a SIM card first. I'll meet some of the group at The Elephant House (JK Rowling's old haunt) for lunch, then we'll all meet with the rest of the group and our guides at 3pm.

At 4 pm we're going on a panoramic tour of Edinburgh. Don't worry, I'll take photos and as I have a working computer with me on this trip, I'll try and upload some of the photos as I go, each evening. Later this evening there will be a welcome dinner back at the hotel's 'Metro Brasserie'.

I'll try an update tonight.

(P.S.- Diuretics and vacations don't mix.)