July 11th, 2009

Butterfly Lady

Trip update

It is super-duper late right now and I should be sleeping. If I don't get enough sleep tonight, it'll be all your fault, f-list. I am taking notes so that I can post a proper entry when I get home.

I meet Michelle from WA, yesterday. We had been emailing for a while now, getting to know one another since we are going to be roomies. We met up at the hotel lobby and everyone was introduced. we went over our itinerary and we are no longer going to be having our banquet at Hamptom court palace. :( Afterwards we took a bus around Edinburgh while our guide, Heather, showed us some of the sites. We went back to the hotel and got to know one another and had a delicious dinner.

Michelle and I went back to our room and talked until like midninght or later (it was still light at 11 pm and light again by 4 am!) She is an amazingly talented artist and a very sweet girl. She made me a gift that I know most of you will be insanely jealous of. (I'll post a photo later. Laptop battery is dying. typing fast.)

Today we went to Alnwick Castle. The second largest castle in the UK, after Windsor Castle. It was were some of the first two Harry Potter films were shot. (Among other famous movies.) Know what else was shot there? Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves! (I squee'd when I heard that!) I walked where Alan Rickman has walked and touched the walls that he has touched. Le sigh.

Lots more to say, but computer about to die.

Will try to post tomorrow.