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My mission, yes I've chosen to accept it.


I have decided to join National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). This is my first post, technically I still have time. I am the worlds biggest procrastinator, I'm letting you all know right now.

Here I am wanting to tell you guys everything that has been going on, but it all seems so mundane. I'll start with the last week. Saturday I took my mom to town where my cousin had her baby shower which lasted almost four hours. We played Baby Bingo and some word game. No baby shower is complete without the clothespin game. In this game, for those of you who don't know, everyone at the show is given a clothespin. If anyone says the word 'baby' (and in our situation 'boy') you can take their clothespin. It's actually kind of hard to not say those words considering the fact that we are at a shower and she is having twin boys! The person with the most clothespins at the end of the shower gets a prize. I think mom had a nice time. She got to see her sister and other family members. She lost her pin to me. I had about seven or eight pins during one very intense game of bingo and she kept asking what card was just called and I said 'baby bottle' repeatedly and very loudly. There was a mad dash to my baby shoe that I had all of my pins clipped to. (My brain was saying FUCK!) It was funny.

I slept all afternoon on Tuesday, then Tuesday night I went into work, where we were over-staffed and the charge nurse was going to send me to another floor. I dug in my heels because I floated to another floor two weeks before (we take turns). I stayed to work on my floor and had a decent shift with some great patients. When I got off of work on Wednesday morning I ran errands all over Austin. I made some returns to at least three stores, only one of which gave me cash back, every other place gave me store credit. I was going to get groceries, but I took a nap in the Wal-mart parking lot instead and went home.

Thursday, I did get groceries. I saw my nephrologist, everything is looking okay. I won't have to go back to see her for four months. I also got gas for $1.94/gallon!

Friday, I took my mom for early voting. I lost her voter's registration card, so I had to go home and get all kinds of paperwork in order to prove she is who she said she is. We were both allowed to vote, but we didn't get our stickers. The cheap bastards. I slept for a couple of hours then went back to Austin to see my oncologist. Everyone was dressed up. There was a flapper, a devil, a one night stand, a medieval lady, and there was a doctor dressed as a priest while the nurses and my doctor dressed as nuns. I went into work early last night and slept in an empty room. They were overstaffed again and this time they were going to send me home. I was at the elevator getting ready to leave when the charge nurse said that she miscounted patients and I had to stay afterall. Since I stayed, we all had fewer patients. It was a quiet night. No vomiting, no bleeding, no crying, no phlegm.

Stopped at Wal-mart on the way home this morning. Are you picking up a pattern here? Picked up some lunch for my mom and went home and slept for a few hours. Drove to Georgetown and met my hero rdholmantx. She was so nice and very funny. She had a lot of great Alan Rickman stalking pointers and hints for when I go to London in two weeks. So now I've met someone who has met Alan Rickman. We were talking about meeting him and how I have no idea what to say if I do get to meet him. Any tips?

And for rdholmantx, don't forget to let me know about that video . . .
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