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ishakpasha Gave me a prompt of writing about my fondest memory from childhood. It's actually taken me a while to sift through them. What I really need is a pensieve, like the one that Professor Snape uses prior to occlumency lessons (Sorry, I'm listening to the audio book of HP&HBP right now.) When you've grown up in a family like mine it's difficult to find one thing to say "That's my favorite memory." When I was in psychology and sociology classes, to avoid arguments, we would say "All families are screwed up." My smart-ass answer to that was "Some are more screwed up than others." I'm not saying that all of my memories were bad, although most of them were. Sometimes it feels that the good ones just don't stand out as much. One memory that comes to mind is my dad asking me if I wanted to be "Daddy's little girl" and I told him no. I said that I wanted to be mommy's little girl. I think I hurt his feelings. My brother, Fidencio, was a mama's boy and I was always jealous of that.

After I've said all of that, the first memory that came into my head when I was first presented the prompt is what I'm going to write about. It's probably going to sound stupid, but I don't care.

I don't even remember how old I was when it happened. My mom was still walking at the time. It was just five of us. My youngest brother, Omar, wasn't even born yet. I think it may have been thanksgiving. My mom had made a large meal. My sister (Jennifer), my brother (Fidencio) and I were sitting at the kitchen table. Mommy had served both of my siblings dinner, as well as my dad and herself. I was sitting between Jennifer and Fidencio just watching them eat. My mom had taken my dad's and her dinners to the living room on trays. She came into the kitchen to get something when she noticed I was without a dinner. She said "I'm sorry mija," and she fixed me a plate. My mom had never been one to show affection and she rarely ever told us that she loved us. She said that that was just the way she was raised. She is much more affectionate now. {I make damn sure that I get my daily allowance of hugs and kisses and "I love yous" everyday and that she get them in return. Corny, I know, but no matter.} When she called me Mija that day, it made me feel special and loved. I will treasure that memory always.

Now, excuse me while I go smother her with kisses.

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