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Yum! Meat Pies! My thoughts on Sweeney Todd and Alan Rickman

I went and saw Sweeney Todd on opening night. It was amazing! Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd did a great job with the singing. Depp played crazy well. Alan Rickman as the evil Judge Turpin. . . there are no words to describe the singing or his acting. The way he said "Mr. Todd" reminded me of the way he says "Mr. Potter, our new celebrity." Helena Bonham Carter did a good job as Mrs. Lovett, but her singing fell a little flat. Her speaking voice was fine, but her singing voice was a little too girlie and wispy at times. No comparison to Patti Lupone or Angela Lansbury. It was very bloody, but I was prepared. I am usually not into the "horror" genre, but I feel that Tim Burton did a wonderful job. I felt sick to my stomach when I left the theater, but if I hadn't had to work, I would have stayed and watched it again. I cannot forget to mention the amazing job that the three newcomers did the actors that played Johanna, Anthony and especially Toby. . . WOW! JCB sang well, but I feel that maybe he looked a bit too young/pretty to be the sailor (that was going to "steal" Johanna). I did get a lot of complements on my Sweeney Todd T-Shirt. (It's awesome too, btw.) Some people, I've heard, walked out of the movie. Bad choice! Go see this movie, then see it again. But leave the kids at home!

I bought Sweeney Todd (the version with Angela Lansbury) before the movie came out but I didn't want the ending to be spoiled, so I refrained from watching. I did read reviews, but stopped when one contained some of the ending. I loved the movie, there is no question about that, but now that I've seen the Broadway version, I can safely say that IMHO The Ballad of Sweeney Todd, Kiss Me, (and just because I love Alan Rickman) The Judge's Johanna all should have been included.

amber_dragon_64 posted an article that had a Youtube video of what people thought they were going to see at the movies, I thought that I would include the link to both the article:
and the clip on youtube:

And just because I'm feeling generous, a clip of a young man named Dan singing "Johanna":

Edit: So far Ebay has been good to me I have received in the mail in perfect condition my Oscar(for your consideration)ad, with the young Judge Turpin. My Sweeney Todd book came with an extra book about Sleepy Hollow, and my magazine Los Angeles(with the pictures of Alan Rickman barefoot and handsome *SQUEE!*)also arrived-the article was a very good read as well.
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