Monica (monicarnsg) wrote,

I've been making babies

In true ARCH tradition, I am posting pics of my "babies". They are named for my cousin Faith's newest additions to the family. She had twins two weeks ago. She has stolen my baby names and I am officially stealing them back! Aiden is the 'son' of Alan Rickman and a photo of my mom. Some people say I look like her and her photo was the clearest I had when I started my baby-making.

Alexander (Alexandre) is named for my boyfriend in college. (Shh! Don't tell AR!!) He is the combination of Alan Rickman circa the London Sweeney Todd premiere and myself. I told catsplay that I took advantage of Alan Rickman. He never knew about his son. *sob*

Now for a really gorgeous baby!

Ella playing and laughing. She just had a monkey bite!

Ella and her brand new toy.

Ella taking a much deserved break after hours of playing, before her nap. (Yes, she is laying on a, Harry Potter pillow-case covered, pillow.
Tags: alan rickman, random, real life

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