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Hello Alan Rickman Fans. Please don't hate me for not letting you know what I found, but if I had, I would have never acquired this masterpiece.
Do you guys remember this picture?

Well. . .I won it! The original!
The photographer, Oleg Micheyev, from this website: was selling his work on Ebay. *does happy dance*
I'll see if I can scan it when I get, it to provide you guys, my fellow Rickmaniacs, with a better quality photo.

On a different note, I was "tagged" by my Youtube pal RhiannanAR to make a video with five facts about myself. My windows movie maker pooped out on me, so this is made with InterVideo WinDVD Creator. So here is a little something about me:

I forgot to mention that I found an awesome website. You can upload music, video, pictures, and sound clips and send them to your phone. I was having trouble getting Alan Rickman ringtones for my phone, but with this site I was able to upload clips of AR. Then the site texts you the url to your phone where you can the download it. I now have AR ringtones and background! *does another happy dance!* Website=

Here is the ebay description:
This is one of my photographs of Alan Rickman shot in London in 2004. That time I used a Contax viewfinder on my Leica as the original one I dropped on concrete floor in a mental hospital in Tbilisi - Georgia (I photographed mad artists over there for charity). This fact unfortunately affected my portrait of Alan Rickman : I cropped the cat on the window... The photo was printed by me using archival inks on special paper to obtain a unique delicate surface effect. Size of the print is A3 including margins. The photograph is signed and embossed on the bottom right.
The combination of the inks and paper used is very sensitive and it is better not to touch the printed area as it is very easy to leave fingerprints, but because of this combination the photograph has a very beautiful slightly metallic effect. I had two exhibitions in Tokyo sometime ago. The Japanese organisers did not want to kill the surface effect so they put the photographs in frames with no glass. Every morning they used a weak vacuum cleaner from a distance in order to remove traces of dust, as it is impossible to wipe the photos. I personally think that glass on top of the photograph does not spoil the overall effect.

Additional info:
I photographed Alan in London, in the music studio of my friends in Notting Hill. Regarding the mental house in Georgia (it is a former Soviet state, not the American one), it was a simple explanation of my fault as a photographer... OK. Not very simple, sorry... And the photo is 12"x17" including approximately 3/4" margins.
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